GoPro Chin Mount. No thumbscrews. “Stick it where you like it"

GoPro Chin Mount Umotos

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helmet chin mount for gopro Mounting the camera on the chin bar, right in the middle or below it, makes for an excellent viewing angle. You might look dorky, but the videos will be amazing.Making a helmet chin mount for GoPro and other action cameras. On my helmet (AGV K3-SV) it's not possible to use standard M3 sticker due to the pointy shape of the front. I'm not getting paid by SUGRU, just recommending a good product.MotoRadds Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro Hero 6/5 Black,Session 4,Hero 3,AKASO/Campark/YI Action Camera,Helmet Front and Side Swivel Mount and curved Mounts with 3M Sticky Pads GoPro Blackout Housing GoPro Front Mount Kit GoPro Side Mount Kit (if you need the angle piece) Socket Head Screws Sony Mic  3.5mm GoPro adapter Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset Recently, I sold my Drift Ghost and switched to vlogging with my GoPro. It took a little work to get it exactly how I want it, but I LOVE this chin mount setup for the GoPro on my Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet. I use the Sony ECMPC60 for my microphone MicBergsma channel Want more FREE GoPro Tip / Tutorial videos -  Filmed by Mitch Bergsma GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition on helmet Canon 7d; 24-105mm f/4 L IS Lens Edited on Final Cut Pro 7 on Mac Songs picked by Lori Zinnecker CrowMagnum demonstrates a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing way to mount your GoPro on the front of your motorcycle helmet which still looks good when the camera is not mounted. Shoei RF-1100 helmet used for installation.  A motovlogging helmet setup from start to finish. This is everything you need to mic a GoPro and get good audio.We look at Gopro helmet mounts, under visor and under peak mounting, the Gopro chest mount, do it yourself swivel cam, boot cam mount and the GoSpin360, GoSwivel or make your own Gopro swivel cam mount for dirt bikes, mx or motocross bikes. All footage shot with my GoPro camera. These Gopro mounting tips and tricks brought to you by and we are keen to hear what you use and add to the list. Bell Shoei HJC ARAI Schuberth Nolan

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